PMP Exam Prep – What you should know

PMP Exam Prep – What you should know.

Preparing for PMP exam appears to be a tough job, especially if you do not know how to configure yourself to crack this exam. While preparing, candidates start searching the best resources, the methodology for preparation and mock tests over the internet. Practically all types of resources are available on the internet. The points the aspirants should keep in mind while choosing a training organization for preparation are;

  1. Check the background of the person sho is advocating or offering the PMP training on behalf of an organization.  Does he or she posses a certification in project management or advocating it as part of his roles and responsibility.
  2. Enquire and ask about the trainer who is going to conduct the training program for you.
  3. Whether the trainer is a temporary hired to conduct the classroom session or he/she is full-time associated with the training organization.
  4. Post training support is most important so before you join any training program, please ensure that how the post-training support will be handled by the training organization.
  5. Talk to the trainer first and try to understand how he/she mentors the candidates during and post-training.

The points the aspirants should keep in mind while choosing an online training program for preparation are;

  1. Practice makes a man perfect. So try to attempt 1 or 2 full-length mock test before your exam.
  2. Instead of comparing cost and duration offered by various providers, please check the content by asking a demo version. This will help you to evaluate and decide – value for money.
  3. Ensure a clarification to each question is given or not. Also, check whether reference related to PMBOK is also mentioned or not.
  4. While buying the online tests, ensure that the there should a way available to clarify your doubts related to questions, if needed.
  5. Check the reviews and what is customer feedback who have used the program.

Finally, the various free mock test /resources to choose upon.  These are mentioned here below for your reference.

  • PMstudy
  • Oliver Lehmann
  • Head First
  • Simplilearn
  • PM Prepcast
  • iZenBridge

I personally tested the online course content and full-length mock test by PMStudy in past years and while going through various discussion forum I noticed that the level of questions in their mock test is almost equal to the real exam.  If you want an access to demo from PMStudy then please share your details herewe being an authorized training partner to PMStudy, will provide you access to demo content absolutely free.

My best wishes are always with Candidates who are pursuing professional certifications.

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